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Are you thinking about getting a mortgage for your new build home? Police Mortgages are here to help you with this.

How can Police Mortgages help you?

Although New build homes don’t require a specific mortgage, the developers may often require exchange and completion in a short space of time.

Here at Police Mortgages we will search for the best and most suited deal for you, and make sure that we provide the help to arrange the appropriate insurance if needed.

Why invest in a New Build property?

Purchasing a new build property gives you a lot of benefits such as being presented with a brand new fitted bathroom and kitchen, saving you to have to think about spending money on redecorating your house.

If you are lucky enough, your new build may not actually be built until after you chose to buy it. This means that you may be able to have a say in choosing aspects of the home, such as bathroom tiles and flooring.

Still unsure?

With options to help you such as Help to Buy equity loans, and shared ownership, why not contact us to find out more.