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Is your current mortgage rate as competitive as the best new deals on the market right now?

Police Mortgages could help you save hundreds of pounds, maybe even thousands, by switching your mortgage deal. It is always a good idea to review your mortgage every year to make sure you are getting the most competitive rate. Whilst interest rates are historically low, there are a good range of deals on the market including many competitive products for new customers who switch lenders. 

You should review your mortgage:
  • When interest rates change
  • When your current mortgage deal comes to an end (we recommend looking 3-4 months prior to the end date)
  • Once a year if you are not tied into a deal with early repayments charges 

Why you should switch mortgage deals:
  • To save money on your monthly repayments
  • To switch to a more flexible mortgage term
  • To release equity 

Why use Police Mortgages:
  • We have access to thousands of mortgage deals and can recommend the most suitable deal for your individual circumstances and requirements.
  • Save you the stress and hassle of comparing different deals - let Police Mortgages do the work for you.
  • We have exclusive deals available for the Police family that are not available on the high street.
  • Free advice for all serving and retired police officers and staff, including family members.
Switching your mortgage deal may not be the right option for everyone, but here at Police Mortgages we can access your current financial situation to decide what is best.

If monthly payments are going to be lower you can choose to either make reduced payments, or stick to your original payments and reduce the mortgage term. 

See how much you could save on your monthly repayments, contact our team today!